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It's All Love: Ideas for The 14th...


Some believe it's a theoretical joke.

Some feel it's a fun gesture of how much they care.

Some find themselves disappointed the following day.

Some adore it as an annual tradition while others don't consider it a holiday at all.

Although we believe that meaningful relationships require 'affection' all year round, we don't mind sympathizing with hopeless romantics (and those who are just hopeless) with the upcoming "day of love". Whatever your definition of "February 14th" is, if you're looking for a few suggestions this year, this SMART-icle is for you!


The element of 'surprise' when partnered with 'thoughtfulness' can be an extraordinary experience for all parties involved. Arranging handwritten notes for your sweetheart about all of the things you adore about them in shapes like arrows, anchors or hearts on their kitchen counter, inside their windshield or on their bathroom mirror is a sure way to knock their heart out oof place! Writing the notes on cue cards or posted notes in their favorite color is an added bonus and the entire project can cost under $1! No excuses...


Have you and bae taken a trip abroad? Ever had a blast at an amusement park? Got a collection of fun photos from your wedding reception? Taking images from recent adventures and showcasing them through framed collages, a personalized locket, printed tee shirt or custom pillows isn't only clever, but is sure to have your sweetie thinking of you and reminiscing of that memory long after you leave their gift.


Full of love but short on cash? Simply cooking a meal or baking a treat together is a great way to show off your madd culinary skills (lol), share a few laughs and spend quality time! Just be sure to keep it fair when deciding who's washing the dishes afterwards!


Finding ways to create lasting memories is a key factor to celebrating Valentine's Day! If your hunny enjoys playing games, giving NEW rules to classics like checkers, standard playing cards and Jenga will change the way they perceive that game from that moment forward!


If sought for long enough, we all have an affectionate side to our personality that happens to reveal itself around our loved ones. Enjoying the outdoors with your beau may be what you want, but know that nothing beats doing the unexpected! Tell your sweetie that you're taking them camping, then glamp things up at the comfort of your backyard or even your living room! Bed sheet forts, or even a real tent, will be where their head rests for the night. A set of string lights or lighted candles can set the tone of how serious you are. A plaid blanket can showcase a prepared picnic and shows how much effort you put into executing this particular idea. Also, some might say that having access to an actual toilet beats having to use bushes or an outhouse when nature calls. If done in a living room, your ceiling may block the stars in the sky, but the twinkle you see in your partner's eyes will challenge any constellation known to mankind!

Valentine's Day has different meanings to different people.

It's widely known that this day, when compared to other days throughout the year, encourages lovers around the world to show how they feel.

Any important relationship you have requires constant time and effort that cannot be filled within (1) 24 hour period. With that being said, we hope this SMART-icle inspires you to do something great on the 14th, and every day, for the person you care about...


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