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THE BRIDAL WORLD is a booming industry because millions of dollars are spent on executing an idea. Whether it's your dress, the food, your centerpieces or the venue itself, your main concern is to host an event your guests will enjoy and one that you will remember. The only issue with the utopian idea of having a PERFECT wedding is that it doesn't exist!

Countless Brides look back at their Big Day and frown at the thought of mishaps and mistakes that occured. The promise of a 'dream' wedding will always fall short to reality because we all have to WAKE UP from dreams (lol). What makes quality event vendors essential to having a successful event is trusting in their ability to effectively plan and produce what they've planned. What makes an event feel 'perfect' is the talent of dealing with unexpected situations that may arise. Whether it's the weather, guest count or time schedule, let's face it: something WILL arise...


Use the following experiences of regretful Brides as a navigation tool to a better planning process:


'Budgeting' gives you the ability to retrieve the maximum benefit out of incoming or set funds. Tracking your wedding spending and remaining needs is wise and effective. However, don't allow the optimistic spirit of Do It Yourself, or D.I.Y, projects cloud your judgement of cost over quality. Save The Dates, Invitations and Table Centerpieces are common areas where lack of quality can negatively speak to your Guest. With your guests being an intregral factor of the planning process, don't allow the cost of a D.I.Y project effect your guest's experience, especially if you have available funds to get the job done RIGHT!


You can't deny that 'technology' makes your life easier. Whether it's the washing machine, your internet access or smartphone gps, life is just EASIER. However, don't allow a glitch in network or a confusing address prevent your guests from joining your martial celebration! If you have a Wedding Website, make sure you have the Venue's address, defining details and directions easily accessible. Also, your Venue should have direction cards available for couples to insert into their invitation envelopes. Be sure to include these inserts with the OFFICIAL WEDDING INVITATIONS, not the Save The Dates, Wedding Shower, Engagement Party or other pre-wedding event.


Allergies, taste, dietary concerns, selection -- the only way to describe the food served during your event is IMPORTANT! People will talk. It's good. It's trash. Bottom line: whether it's to your face or not, the food will be discussed. Be sure you have a great selection (beef, chicken, fish, vegetable, halal, kosher, vegan, etc) to satisfy an array of palettes and be sure to have ENOUGH food to accomodate your guests. Having waiter staff helps with metering how much food is being served, however if you're utilizing a buffet, be sure to have 100% more food than what you actually need. A great rule of thumb for providing a buffet style dinner is doubling the amount you need:

i.e "The buffet will need 4 lbs of chicken." - use 8 lbs of chicken

i.e "The bar needs 2 bottles of water." - use 4 bottles of water

i.e "We need two cans of vegetables." - get 4 cans of veggies

At the end of the day, it'll be better to have a surplus of food and be able to offer your guests to take delicious goodie plates back home than to have guests leaving your event disgruntled and hungry because you didn't have ENOUGH food to feed everyone. Embarassing, unpleasant and a sure way to ruin your event reviews...


If you have a certain idea or preference, do NOT leave the perception of what you want, especially if it's something you are paying or, up to the perception of another person. 'Classic' to YOU may mean sleek and modern, but 'classic' to your stationery vendor may mean traditional and timeless. 'Fun music' for you may be trendy songs, but 'fun music' to your DJ or entertainer may mean a variety of genres. Doing your research, knowing what you want, being as specific and descriptive as you can and providing a concise and realistic budget with your vendors will not only improve communication, but make their job much easier. For stationery perfection, check out My Darlin' Paperie and for entertainment excellence, check out :)


For the Bride who wants to handle her own, hiring a Full Service Event Planner may seem unnecessary. However, investing in a DAY-OF COORDINATOR is a great way to ensure your event plans are implemented without the stress of orchestrating everything while being the star of the show. Day-Of Coordination planning options are available by any reputable Event Planner in your local area and should cover vendor coordination, an event itinerary, being present at the Ceremony Rehersal, an ermergency kit and handling the dispursement of final balances. For all of your planning needs, check out the experts at Upperroom Events and of course, :)


Your photographer will be the most important person on God's green Earth the MOMENT the last guest walks out of your wedding venue. How? It doesn't matter how great the decorations were, how many people were dancing, how beautiful everyone looked or how many times your sheer happiness made you smile: if you don't have a professional photographer you can TRUST, your Big Day won't have ANYTHING to be remembered by. Your wedding album should be filled with traditional shots, candid shots, creativity and angles that flatter you in every way! When quoting a photographer, be SURE to inquire their portfolio, references and packages. Shopping around for a photographer that fits is wise, however DO NOT try to skimp on price! Just because a photographer is cheaper doesn't necessarily mean they are 'better'. For amazing Photographers, Check out, Jorg Windau Photography and True Love Wedding Photography :)

We don't intend to be crasp, but knowing what to avoid while planning your Big Day will make you more effective in getting as close as possible to what you've always wanted your Wedding to be!


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