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MARRIAGE MATERIAL -- Doing Your Homework Before Shopping For Your Gown!

Your Wedding Day outfit is the CENTERPIECE of the entire Event! Knowing what colors, styles and cuts work best with your body will result in a dress that not only fits you like a dream, but a look that compliments YOU! However, shopping for your gown can be stressful, especially if you're not aware of different types of fabrics there are available. Doing a bit of research before swiping that credit card can not only inform you of what you like and don't like, but prevent you from wasting time sifting through gowns you'll never wear.

This WEDDED WEDNESDAY, we concentrate on popular fabrics by category, and their distinct characteristics that will guide you into selecting the most important dress you'll ever wear!


'Lace' materials have traditional connotations that spark the interest of Brides who are looking for a more classical look. This timeless material has very distinct characteristics that makes it anything but ordinary...

Alencon Lace - French lace, distinct floral pattern, outlined with a corded detail, three-dimensional effect on surface

Chantilly Lace - French lace, lightweight, romantic, popular for being used as an overlay or for sleeves, known for its' sheerness

Guipure Lace - casual, cotton based, chic, relatively thicker (doesn't drape as easily as lighter lace fabrics), dramatic floral patterns


This next group of fabrics are known for great draping ability and amazing looks that won't weigh you down...

Charmeuse - soft, silky texture, distinct sheen appearance, extremely UNFORGIVING (will show every nook and cranny lol -- be advised that it will fit every sexy curve your body possibly has)

Tulle - fine netting, definite shape, great for ball gown silhouettes (get volume without bulk!), "ballerina" fabric

Chiffon - matte or light sheen, sheer, great for draping soft looks

NOTE: before buying your gown, put a light underneath the lining to test the underlay material

Organza - sheer but more crisp than Chiffon, distinct stiffness, great for ball gowns and overlays


Equipt with shimmer, fullness and pounds, this group of heavyweight fabrics are ready to give your gown the fullness and drama they are known for...

Taffeta - stiff, luxe, retains shape, less sheen than other heavy textiles

NOTE: taffeta gowns are great for holding bodices, however crease easily and may look wrinkled if not managed

Shantung - ribbed texture, high sheen, drapes without being stiff

Satin - glossy, smooth, classic bridal material, great luster

NOTE: there are various types of Satin fabrics (duchess, silk, crepe, antique, baronet, princess, etc) -- don't be afraid to ask your bridal consultant the type of satin used in a gown you're interested in and its' distinct features


Today's 'Bride' is daring, independent and not afraid to go against the grain! These non-traditional textiles are sure to satisfy the need of a Bride who's interested in an alternative to classic wedding looks...

Eyelet Lace - cotton based, country-spun look, scalloped edges, breathable, lightweight, great for outdoor/summer weddings

Jacquard - subtle, floral details woven into fabric, contemporary look, embellished texture

NOTE: We are aware that we didn't give visual references for this group of textiles. The objective is to get YOU googling, pinning and researching what else is out there for yourself!

Your Wedding Gown is the staple to one of the most memorable outfits you will ever wear during your lifetime! With that beng said, it's only right that you dedicate time to research popular materials used in gowns to prevent you from wasting time while shopping. Knowing what you want, and WHY, won't only save you stress, but will alleviate your Bridal consultant from the hassle of figuring out what you want...

We pray that this week's topic was helpful to you or someone you know, and look forward to writing more SMART-icles for all of your event planning needs!

See you next week for



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