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OUT With The Outrageous: An End To Despicable Baby Shower Cakery!


It not only honors the mother-to-be, but welcomes the coming of her bundle of joy by surrounding her with family and friends. She gets diapers, wipes, toys, plenty of clothes the baby won't get a chance to wear and gift cards to Babies R US and Walmart. There's food, games and plenty pictures of THE BELLY! It's not a shock to see either a cake or another baked good served towards the end of the celebration, but it is a shock to see what people are putting on the dessert table!

Here are (unfortunately) ACTUAL cakes presented at a baby shower:

People will appreciate your effort, but this design holds no value in theme or design. Stray away from cakes that resemble human body parts--it makes the cutting process very weird...

Believe it or not, you can think 'outside of the box' without presenting a cake with a baby outside of the belly. It's been done so many times that the idea is played and comes across as mediocre.

A picture of a naked woman "popping" out a baby from her vagina, as a cake? Really? These images may hold an element of humor, but truth be told they are outrageous, derogatory and will leave your guests with a bad after-taste, both literally and figuratively.

There needs to be a rule set for ALL events: cakes that resemble human body parts shouldn't be allowed. Seriously, if cakes are being cut, ESPECIALLY infront of your guests, an uneasy feeling can come from smiling at a camera while 'cutting' the head of a what's meant to look like a person. Steer clear away from "baby" baby shower cakes and baked'll thank yourself later...

Being creative and unique without going off the deep end is possible, people! Below are great alternatives to outrageous cake designs:

Switch it up with tiers, patterns and different flavors...

Cupcakes, cake pops and candy make choosing an alternative dessert a piece of cake!

Not in the mood for sweets? NO PROBLEMO!! A cute fruit display isn't only healthy, but an awesome photo op!

So OUT with outrageous cake designs. ENOUGH IS ENHOUGH, people! With great alternatives to typical baby shower desserts, the options are endless...


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