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Sweet Teeth...

When planning your wedding, there are key elements that guests will be paying most of their attention to! Whether it's the invitations, the food, the centerpieces, the music or YOUR DRESS, be sure that your guests will be keeping an eye out for typical wedding traditions and eager to see your take on these event staples. One undeniable factor of your wedding's overall look is the EVENT CAKE. Some Brides desire 5 tier while others prefer simply homemade. A new wedding cake trend is presenting your cake on a "cake swing", making it an event centerpiece. But what of the Bride who doesn't want cake at all? What if she likes cookies? What if she's a donut-lover? Does she live for chocolate brownies?

Below are TWELVE alternative options to replace the traditional wedding cake:

Chocolate Brownie Tower

As seen on

Dunkin' Donuts has may have a new clientele...A donut & cake combo

As seen at Balzac's Venue; cake by Duffet Pastries

Apple and Cherry and Pecan, OH MY! Wedding Pies

As seen on Belle The Magazine

Not just a breakfast favorite...3 Tier Cinnamon Roll

As seen on Project Wedding

That's the way the cookie crumbles...a Cookie Tower

As seen on

Ditch the cake for a Dessert Bar...the options are endless!

As seen on by Stephanie Harth

Wedding Roll Ups....

As seen on The Wedding Chicks - Bohemian Wedding

A chocolately cup of love, for everyone

As seen on

Mini everyone can have their own cake cutting ceremony

As seen on The Bridal Guide

Cheese Please! Everyone loves cheese cake (unless a dairy allergy is involved...)

As seen on Buzzfeed

Cake & Cupcake Combo

As seen on Stylish Eve

And last but certainly not least...


As seen on Babble

Take your pick or think of your own dessert style to both wow your guests and satisfy those sweet teeth of yours. The options are endless!

Happy Picking!

And see you THIS FRIDAY for


your guide to great Event Planning!!!

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