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Unlock Your Ideal Photographer With These 7 Keys!

Your WEDDING DAY is one of the most profound, joyous and (what should be) memorable events of your LIFE! What Brides fail to remember is how QUICKLY the day will go by, and all you will have left to attest to months of planning, thousands of spent dollars, unmeasurable drama and stress are the PHOTOGRAPHS!

Photographers are one of the most essential event vendors because the pictures are what you will have left to remember your BIG DAY. Does this sound like an area of your wedding where you should look for a "cheap alternative"? Do you believe that hiring the friend of a friend that takes cute selfies is a valid candidate for creating a visual timeline of the day you marry the one you love?


IRRITATE YOUR GUESTS | professional photographers are experts at utilzing elements such as weather, poses, angles and lighting to their advantage. Their assetive yet engaging personalities will quickly "get the shot" they need without interrupting or annoying your guests.

QUESTIONABLE VS. QUALITY | Professional photographers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to invest in quality equipment and education to support their profession. The camera of an amateur cannot compare to the state-of-the-art, modern and quality tools of a photography expert.

LACK EXPERIENCE | Will an amateur have an extensive background, filled with positive reviews and testimonials from their plethora of clients? Do they know how to hide your imperfections (we all have them), and enhance your good side? A professional KNOWS what to do, while an amateur remains outside of their comfort zone.

The list of how much wrong an amateur can do for your wedding can go on and on, but for your time and reading's sake, we'll dive right into the (7) things to consider when selecting your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER:


Show Your Preference

Do your research on the type of photography styles you like. Would a photojournalistic style capture the theme of your wedding? Will a unique, unconventional style highlight your quirky personality? Are you big on color or do you appreciate the vintage tones of monotone and sepia? Whatever your preference is, communicate this early to your candidate and confirm that your perferences are something she or he is capable of.



Get a confirmation of which camera and what equipment your photographer has. Be sure to compare and contrast the equipment of multiple vendor candidates and cross check what's up to date and of best quality.


Vendor Coordination

Go over their services, if they offer album compilation options, what they will be wearing during the event (all black? all one color? company shirt? etc), turnaround time for edited images, arrival and departure times and contract details. Make sure you get all of this information confirmed via email; it'll serve as a great paper trail should any mishaps occur the day of your wedding.


Plan B, not the pill

Should an emergency occur, what is your candidate's PLAN B OPTION? Is there a 2nd photographer available? Will they have a back up plan on how to get to the venue should their car break down? Will they bring additional eqipment should their camera fall and break? Remember, failure to plan is a plan to fail! Be sure your candidate has a contingency plan in place...


Photography Checklist

Hiring a photographer doesn't take you off the hook! You are still responsible for providing your vendor with particular shots they MUST take. This is great because you can pre plan which pictures you're guaranteed to see based on what you want, especially since you won't have the time to choose who you want to take a picture with the day of (at least without expecting a mess).



A professional photographer's portfolliio is tangible proof of what he or she is capable of. If THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING, than a portfolio is JELLO! Ask for a website or physical portfolio to see firsthand what they have done in the past, the type of shotss they took and their skill.

and last, but not LEAST...



There's nothing rude in asking for the number or contact information of your candidate's past clients. Contacting them yourself will result in a real, unadulturated perspective of the candidate's services. Hear it from the horse's mouth, or someone who can give a witness-account, to help steer your decision in who to hire.

Your day should be filled with monumental moments, and your wedding album should be FILLED with them! However, how can that happen if your photographer doesn't know what he or she is doing? Don't be fooled: every new vendor needs a chance to show their stuff, grow and become a professional. But if you're prepared to spend real bucks on the industry's best, don't cheapen out financially or in quality.

Lastly, be sure to discuss your ceremonial, cocktail hour and reception timelines with your photographer, as well as traditional timing of events and special elements based on your culture. If you're in the NY area and are looking for an amazing wedding experience, be sure to check out AVALONI STUDIOS at

I pray this helps you in your quest in having

a glorious wedding album!

Check us out this Friday for FLEUR FRIDAYS, you're guide for all of your event planning needs...

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