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Take A Chill Pill! Promoting Your Event When It Makes Sense...

The cliche states, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." But what do you do when Life gives you Lemonade???


Whether it's a wedding, upscale baby shower, sweet 16 or a graduation, celebrating a life moment is exciting! Your mind rejoices over the friends, family and gifts that will be present at your gathering, and your first instinct is to tell everyone and THEIR GRANDMOTHER about your celebration. What excited party hosts don't think of is the danger of "what if"...

What if my celebration gets cancelled? What if I have to schedule the party earlier than what I've already told guests? What if I tell my guests the location address, but it ends up happening elsewhere? What if people don't come because I keep changing the details of the party?

To save yourself some embarrassment, and to maximize your guest list, be sure to handle these three steps before blowing the horn of your upcoming party:


Timing is everything! No matter the occasion, be sure to plan your event date with not only your schedule but your guests in mind. Planning your event on a major holiday (if it isn't a party specified for that particular holiday) or at ridiculous times will most likely affect your turn out.


When your venue budget comes close enough to your vision, and your event date is available, book it! This gives you the liberty to begin creating and dispersing invitations, organizing event logisitics and finalizing other details for your party.

You can do all of the planning and consulting you want, but don't be fooled: the venue space isn't yours until you show them the money! Submitting a deposit not only shows the venue that you are serious about booking your event at their establishment, but it alleviates the financial responsibility of renting the place and reserves your event date.


Effective strategies, such as an event website, physical invitations, evites, purchased tickets and follow up telephone calls, must be exercised to promote your event. Organize your event details, choose a mode of marketing that works best for you, your budget and your guests and use it!

Once you follow through with these (3) steps, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY HAVING A PARTY!

Be sure to keep up with all planning processes to ensure your event gets executed smoothly, or just confide in your EVENT COORDINATOR FROM FLEUR OCCASIONS!

Happy Planning!

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