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Aisle Worthy Styles You Can ACTUALLY Commit To...

Atypical, unconventional, different, unique, against-the-grain -- whatever adjective you want to utilize, you are a Bride who writes your OWN rules. With your day being a reflection of YOU, your dress should coincide with who you are, not traditional ideals of what a Bride should wear! However, the key to pulling off your own look is to remain appropriate and respectful while honoring the tone of your wedding. Use these style files of (7) Bridal looks that will keep your guests talking, and keep you true to yourself:

Color Flirt...

Ivory, Blue Diamond and Taupe are typical gown colors, but spice up your gown's palette with bold colors either throughout or underneath the dress. Image Credit: Love My Dress - UK Wedding Blog

Show It Off!

Nothing beats being comfortable in your own skin and, if done appropriately, your gown can be charming and sexy. Keep in mind the ratio rule: if you choose to reveal your legs, cover everywhere else...if you choose to show your back, be sure that everywhere else is covered...if you choose to have an overlay of lace to cover yet show a silouhette of your entire body, be careful with what's acceptable and won't offend the formality of your occasion. Image credit: Zuhair Murad - Fall Bridal Collection.


Hats, scarves, sashes, belts, tuxedo buttons or even blending styles (halter + sleeves) -- the options are endless! Use accessories to revamp an outdated look or to enhance the one you already have. Image Credit: Galia Lahav

Go All Out...

We mentioned playing with colors by adding them either throughout or under your gown, but for the boldest of brides, rock a solid-colored dress! Using your gown as the staple for floral selections is a great way to compliment your bold fashion choice. Image Credit: as seen on

Embrace Your Short-Comings

Short lengths dresses, tea or knee length, are great for casual ceremonies and serve as a cocktail dress afterwards. Image Credit: As seen on

Til Death Do Us PART...

Rock a two piece to show your great shape and spunk. Exposure of your cute midriff is sure to grab your Groom's attention! Image Credit: Robyn Moreno Media

And Last, but not Least...

Don't Wear A DRESS At All!

Even celebrities, such as Solange Knowles, are ditching "the dress" for fashion they can commit to. So if you're not the "wear a dress" type, be sure to have on the hanger something you can feel beautiful in, while remaining comfortable! A Great Jumper or tailored pant suit is sure to turn heads -- just be sure to rock a great pair of heels and accessorize to complete your casual bridal look. Image Credit: REfinery29

See you this FRIDAY for FLEUR FRIDAYS!

Happy Planning!

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